NINE (the movie)



Meski film ini berisi aktor dan aktris-aktris peraih Oscar dengan akting yang tidak begitu mengecewakan, namun tidak tahu mengapa, bagi saya film ini tetap terasa hambar. Entahlah. Mungkin karena sutradara Rob Marshall tidak berhasil menghadirkan ke-glamor-an ala Italia di film ini seperti halnya saat ia gagal menghadirkan eksotika Jepang di film Memoirs of a Geisha, atau mungkin Rob Marshall masih terbebani kesuksesan film musikal yang ia garap sebelumnya, Chicago, yang meraih nominasi sampai 13 kategori di ajang Academy Awards dan pulang dengan delapan piala termasuk predikat film terbaik di tahun 2003 silam, sehingga ia ngotot membuat gaya serupa untuk proyeknya ini. Sekali lagi, entah. Tapi sudahlah, filmnya juga sudah rilis dari beberapa tahun lalu. Dan meski jeblok di pasaran, tapi paling tidak, masuk nominasi Oscar, termasuk untuk kategori aktris pendukung terbaik bagi Penélope Cruz.

Berikut adalah lirik dari lagu-lagu yang menghiasi film tersebut, lengkap dengan ilustrasi penunjangnya heheheheh….


I would like to be here. I would like to be there

I would like to be everywhere at once, i know that’s a contradiction in terms.

And it’s a problem, especially when my body’s nearing fifty as my mind is nearing ten.

I can hardly stay up and i can’t get to sleep and i don’t want to wake tomorrow morning at the bottom of some heap, but why take it so seriously?

After all, there’s nothing at stake here only me.

I want to be young and i want to be old. I would lik to wise before my time and yet be foolish and brash and bold. I would like the universe to get down on it’s knees and say, “Guido whatever you please it’s okay event if it’s imposible we’ll arrange it.”
that’s all that i want.

Iam lusting for more, should i settle for less? I ask you, what’s a good thing for if not taking it to excess? One limitation i dearly regret: there’s only one of me i’ve ever met

I would like to have another me to travel along with myself.

I would even like to be able to sing a duet with myself.

I would like to be here (sing along with myself in a song)

To be there (walking down a lane now),

Everywhere (everywhere)

Everywhere, that’s a contradiction in terms

I want to be here (with a counter)

Here (melody in the)

Here (top of the morning to you Guido)

Guido (Guido)

Guido (Guido)

Guido. Me (Me) Me!

I wat to be Proust or The Marquis De Sade. I would like to be Christ, Mohammed, Budha, but not have to believe in God.
And you know i mean it with all of my heart. It’s the end if something important doesn’t start…

… I want to be young, but i have to be old.
what i want is a tale of sound and fury that some idiot went and told.

I would like the universe to get down on it’s knees and say, “Guido, whatever you please, it’s okay even if it’s ridiculuos, we’ll arrange it..”

So arrange it!


I was laying around my bedroom when you called and an idea occurred to me i thought you might be wondering about, Guido….

Who’s not wearing any clothes? I’m not! My darling…

Who’s afraid to kiss your toes? I’m not!
Your mamma, dear, is blowing into your ear, so you’ll get it loud and clear.

I need you to squeeze me here… and here… and here…
Cootchie, Cootchie, Coothie Coo.

I’ve got a plan for what i’m gonna do to you, so hot!

You’re gonna steam, and scream, and vibrate like a sting i’m plucking.

Kiss your feverd little brow, pinch your cheeks till you say “OW!”

And i can hardly wait to show you how… Guido.

Who won’t care if you come to me tried and overworked? I won’t bambino

Who knows a therapy to beat what you can get from me? I don’t!

But this will have to be enough for now,



I love you, Guido

Le cinema today is in a crisis, directors are so existentialistes.

The movie are not worth their entrance prices, if no one sing a love song when he’s kissed.

Love cannot be love without “Le Singing”, a string, a clarinet, a saxophone.

Take the lesson from this old Parisienne and the finest entertaiment, she has knows.
Folies Bergere, what a showing of color, costume, and dancing.

Not a moment in life could be more entrancing, that an evening you spend aux Folies Bergere.

Folies Bergere, not a soul in the world could be in despair, when he is glancing at the fabulous stage des Folies Bergere.

LILLI (con’d)
Folies Bergere, la musique, le son, la lumiere

Les petits jolies seins des belles bouquetieres

Sur la belle passarelle, des Folies Bergere

Pas de mysteres le spectacle est tout a fait decouvert.

“Et pas trop cher”

Viens ce soir avec moi

Aux Folies Bergere.
LILLI and Showgirls
Folies Bergere the music, the lights, and the loughter, the answer to what you are after each night at the Folies Bergere.

Folies Bergere…
By the heavens above, you will swear, there’s nothing rarer!

LILLI and Showgirls
That the Folies Bergere

Folies Bergere, the stage overflowing and giving, a musical reason for living, each night at the Folies Bergere.

Folies Bergere…
To your modern ideas i compare one derriere!

LILLI and Showgirls
At the Folies Bergere !

The answer to what you are after, the music, the lights, and the laughter….

Of the Folies Bergere!

So, you little Italian devils, you want to know about love? Saraghina will tell you.
If you want to make a woman happy, you rely on what you were born with.
Because it is in your blood.
Be Italian. Be Italian.

Take a chance, and try to steal a fiery kiss.

Be Italian, Be Italian.

When you hold me, don’t just hold me, but hold this!

Please be gentle, sentimental, go a head and try to give my cheek a pat.

But be daring and uncaring, when you pinch me, try to pinch me where there’s fat.

Be a singer, be a lover, pick the flower now before the chance is past.

Be Italian, Be Italian.

Live today as if it may become your last!

Be a singer, be a lover, pick the flower now before the chance is past.

Be Italian, Be Italian.

Live today as if it may become your last!

My husband makes movies, to make them he lives a kind of dream.

In which his actions aren’t always what they seem, he may be on to some unique romantic theme.

Some men run banks, some rule the world, some earn their living baking bread.

My husband.. he goes a little crazy, making movies instead.
My husband spins fantasies, he lives them, then gives them to you all.

Like Michaelangelo, he paints his private dome, but can’t distinguish what’s his work and what’s his home.

Some men sell stocks, some men punch clocks, some leap where others fear to tread.

My husband… as author and director, makes up stories in his head.

Guido Contini, Luisa Contini: Number one genius and number one fan.

Guido Contin, Luisa Contini: Passionate woman in love with this man long ago, many years ago.

Once we two were.

Guido Contini, Luisa his lover: actress with dreams and life of her own. Then we had no end of worlds to discover, singing together all night on the phone, long a go. Someone else a go..

How he needs me so, and he’ll be the last to know it.
My husband makes movies.

To make them he make himself obssesd.

He work for weeks on end without a bit of rest.

No other way can he achieve his level best.

Some me read books, some shine their shoes, some retire early, some stay up to dream and muse.

My husband only rarely comes to bed… My husband makes movies instead.

My husband makes movies.

I love the black and white, i love the play of light, the way Contini puts his image through a prism.

I feel my body chill, gives me a special thrill, each time i see that Guido neo-realism.

I love the dark and handsome guys with their skinny little dressin’ mod, lookin’ outta sight!

I love to watch ‘em as they cruise with their pointy leather shoes wearin. Shades in the middle of the night.

Whatever Guido does, it makes me smile, he is the essence of Italian style.

I love the glamorously latin world, that only Guido can portray!

Contini cinema Italiano

I love his cinema Italiano.

He makes me feel with cinema Italiano.

My life is real with cinema Italiano.

He is the king of cinema Italiano!

Those scene i love to see, from Guido’s P.O.V.

There’s no one else with his uniqu director’s vision.

His angles wide and thight, each moment feels so right… defines Italian style by only his decision.

I love the speedy little cars, the hip coffee bars, the sleek women in Positano

Guido’s the ultimate uomo Romano

Contini cinema Italiano! I love that cinema Italiano

Guido Guido Guido Guido Guido Guido Guido Guido Guido Guido Guido!
Dark and handsome guys, skinny little ties, shade in the middle of the night… speedy little cars, hip coffee bars, sleek women in Positano…
Ecco il re del

Cinema Italiano

Questo-o-e il

Cinema Italiano
Nella mia anima… Nella mia anima… Nella mia anima
Cinema Italiano

Bianco-Nero, Bianco-Nero, Bianco-Nero-Nero-Nero
Cinema Italiano

Bianco-Nero, Bianco-Nero, Bianco-Nero-Nero-Nero

Nella mia anima cinema Italiano, Nella mia anima cinema Italiano, Nella mia anima cinema Italiano.

Contini, Cinema… Italiano!

Caro, Caro Mio

Guarda La Luna che brilla lassu

How the moon glows as it smiles over you, when you’re dreaming, blissfully! Dreaming, flying free!

Safe in your cover and warm in your heart.

Safe with your mother, her arms now around you.

You’ll drift, soon, off to sleep, floating… in the deep.

Oh, dream of your youth, while i’m still by your side.

Dream of your manhood, pray i’m there to guide you, and when you grow old how my love still will shine

Always remember, my son… you will always be minde! Yes, mine!

Guido, sai che ti voglio bene, figliolo mio.

Guido, do you think that so many will love you, as i do?

Guarda La Luna, she hangs in the sky.

Beaming her blessing, to make you and i know thas this one goodnight kiss will keep all your life…

Perfect… like this!

In a very unusual way, one time i needed you.

In a very unusual way, you were my friend.

Maybe it lasted a day, maybe it lasted ah hour, but somehow it will never end.
In a very unusual way, i think i’m in love with you.

In a very unusual way, i want to cry.

Something inside me goes weak, something inside my surrenders, and you’re the reason why.

You’re the reason why…

You don’t know what you do to me.

You don’t have a clue.

You can’t tell what it’s like to be me, looking at you

It scares me so that i can hardly speak.
In a very unusual way, i owe what i am to you.

Thought at times it appears i wont’t to stay, i never go.

Special to me in my life, since the first day that i met you.

How could i ever forget you, once you had touch my soul..

In a very unusual way… you’ve made me whole.

You want my love? Take it all.

You want to watch it all come off? Take it all.

Come on now, show me how, you take it all.
You want my glove? Are you entralled? You want to see it slip away and watch it fall? Oh we know, it’s your show, so take it all!

You want the movement to, see what the hips can do.

Come watch the slinky girl, see how the pasties twirl.

To make your bells all ring, fulfilling everything, you ever wanted.

So go a head, Take it all!

You want my soul? Take it all!

It’s time to leave, if i’m to live, because i have no more there’s nothing left to give.
I watch you rise, i watch you fall, while i am standing with my back againts the wall.

Now it’s your turn to finally learn..

You had the world, you had your fling, you wanted more than everything.

You got your wish, you got your prize! Now take it right between your thighs!

You grabbed for everything, my friend, but don’t you see that in the end, there will be nothing!

Left of me!

I can’t make this movie

There’s no way that i’ll begin it. I can’t bear to see the cameras roll.

Problem is the subject there’s no pleasent way to treat it. Problem is the author’s lost control

How i wish didn’t have to be so, but we cut the losses starting now, strike the set and keep it for some sideshow. Tell the cast and crew that they can all go.

Find another genius.. i can’t be one or become one. I can’t even tell how i’d begin.

Help Luisa, help me. Help me Mamma, help me someone.

Here’s a place where i have never been.

Guido out in spacewith no direction, Guido at a loss for what to say, Guido with intervenig actors, Guido at the mercy of detractors, Guido here alone with only Guido nothing hold together tothing makes a bit os sense no impossible to grasp or understand.

How can i go on to watcht the whole of my existente, end up being nothing that i planned?

Have i lost my self and all i whised for? Has my life become a mindless game?

Guido, i can’t stands the name of Guido

Guido, for shake…

Who is this Guido?

Guido here, with no one else but.. Guido!!!


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